Welcome to the 2016 NFL Office Pool. It’s that time of year again and the NFL Office Pool is back for it’s 22nd season. I want to welcome everyone back for another great season. For those of you who are new to the site we’re glad you’ve joined.

Our purpose is to run a friendly internet based office type football pool, have fun and hopefully spread the money around as much as possible. Anyone can play as long as they pay.

The cost for this years pool is the same $85.00 for the entire 17 week season, payable in advance (I’m flexible on the money as long you pay ASAP). The only reason I’m asking for the money in advance is so that I don’t have to chase you down for it. So here’s the deal, if you want to play and can’t come up with $85.00 in advance, pay me what you can up front and then the rest by the halfway point of the season (the 9th week). If you get lucky and happen to win one of the weekly pools and have not paid in full, the balance owed will be deducted from your winnings.

$4.00 per entry per week will be applied towards the weekly prize money. Simply put, the more that play the bigger the pot. The remainder of the money will be applied towards the yearly prize pool, which is detailed in the rules. All money taken in will be paid out in prize money, this is strictly for fun not for profit.

Thanks and Good Luck!